Debt Restructuring

If you have $50,000 or more in high-cost business debt and are struggling to make your payments, we can help.

If you are struggling with Merchant Cash Advance loans and business debt contact us NOW for a free consultation.  We can REDUCE your debt and give your business the working capital you need to get through this crisis and live to fight another day

When a small business owner has multiple cash advance agreements in play at the same time and they are still facing a cash crunch they typically seek ADDITIONAL financing.  This is the LAST thing you want to do, because you are just digging a deeper hole.  Not only that, but when there are multiple open positions it becomes extremely risky to lend due to the ratio of debts vs. income. We can offer other options to permanently reduce and restructure the payments and protect your credit without digging a deeper hole!

We have a “LONG TERM SOLUTION” intended to reduce your debt and increase your overall credit health.  Most business owners who are overwhelmed with debt are stuck in an endless cycle like a hamster on a wheel making minimum payments that will never make a dent in the balance or digging a deeper and deeper hole.   Our programs will increase cash flow, decrease stress and upon completion the merchant will have repaid the debt in full and be eligible for better and more conventional financing due to a higher credit score and profile.  Standing still and sinking is NOT AN OPTION!!

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Here’s What We Can Do For You:

✅ Debt Payments Lowered By 40% – 60%
(no fees paid unless we reduce your payments by an average of 40%-60%)

✅ Attorneys Will Restructure Your Loan Agreements

✅ 90% of Applicants Approved

✅ Customized Debt Restructuring Offer Sheet Showing
New Lower Payments Within 24 Hours


✅ No More Daily Payments

✅ No Dings to Personal or Business Credit

✅ All Industries Accepted

✅ No Minimum FICO Score Required

✅ Quickly Improve Cash Flow & Profitability