Join a Talented Financial Team

Grafton Funding is always accepting applications from talented brokers looking to join our team. Because we place a high value on client satisfaction, we demand a lot from our brokers and look for a certain set of qualities within applicants. Members of our team receive significant benefits to reward them for their hard work. If you are a broker looking to join a versatile lending company, we would love to discuss your qualifications and share what we can offer you.

What We Offer

Because we demand hard work and dedication from the members of our team, we reward our brokers with many advantages. Not only do we grant them a commission on every single transaction they broker, but we also provide reciprocal referrals for repeat clients. Our brokers are free to work from anywhere with internet access and are protected with prompt payments and upfront fee disclosure for every transaction. Grafton Funding is committed to enriching the careers of our brokers by helping them sharpen their professional and financial skills.

What We Are Looking For

We believe that certain qualities help our brokers connect with clients and complete transactions successfully, so we look for certain characteristics to determine if applicants would be good additions to our team. We want our team members to be knowledgeable about the financial industry, but we also need to see them demonstrate the following qualities.

  • Confidence: You are sure of your ability to complete transactions successfully.
  • Organization: You do not get sidetracked and can complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Humor: You use well-placed humor to set clients at ease.
  • Friendliness: You know how to connect easily will potential clients.
  • Motivation: You strive to excel at your assigned responsibilities.

Join Our Team Today

If you want to join a lending company that can enrich your career, contact Grafton Funding today. We would love to add you to our team as a member of our referral and broker program.